We are glad to welcome you to the site of the Pediatric Care Department of City Hospital № 24 located in the city of Moscow - "Life in the palm"!

The site of "Life in the palm" was created by doctors of the hospital, to tell about our youngest patients - premature children.

Our hospital provides treatment annually to more than 800 children with the aid of 30 resuscitation beds. There are children not only from our hospital but from different maternity hospitals of the city. We have a mobile medical team which makes 1500 consulting visits to other hospitals annually. Our mobile medical team provides newly-born children a means of transportation to the resuscitation, surgical, and cardiologic departments as well.

Of course we have some problems that are a result of shortages of modern equipment, expensive drugs, highly skilled specialists,  and blood medicine (fresh frozen plasma, concentrated red cells,and masses of platelets), but we try to solve these problems in different ways. We (our team of resuscitation specialists) dream about every child in our department getting the best quality treatment in accordance with the most modern standards of medicine and about every child being cured completely without consequences.


Our smallest patients were Arina (680 grams) and the twins Senya and Anna (900 and 450 grams).


Dear guests!

You're welcome to leave comments, ask questions, or share your experiences! Our team of children's doctors will be glad to communicate with you!


Sincerely, doctors of the City Hospital №24, Moscow