Prematurely Born Child Met by Medical Team at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow.



The summer, which is a period of vacations and rest, has passed. No one can feel secure against diseases while on vacation. In these cases, medical care may be required to return a sick person to their hometown.

It goes without saying that while a prematurely born child is transported from one place to another, the baby needs special medical conditions and the participation of a resuscitation team.




On the 23rd of August a resuscitation team from our hospital (doctor Galina Victorovna Shatskaya, paramedic Alexander Anatolyevich Scherban, driver Mikhail Konstantinovich Falkenshtern) met a prematurely born child at Domodedovo Airport. An infant had arrived in Moscow from Georgia and was delivered to a resuscitation unit of our hospital.

 A newly-born child with a birth weight of 1400 grams needed specialized treatment. The infant did not suffer while being transported. Now the child’s care is being continued in our hospital.




Our resuscitation unit team wants to emphasize one thought. If a pregnant woman decides to visit distant countries, she has to weigh the pros and cons. Travelling long distances can invoke premature delivery. This act may have dire consequences which a woman could avoid.

Take care of yourself and your child!



Translated from Russian into English by Irina Zykova
Edited by Peter Cebull